The purpose of Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club is to faciliate networking and enhance the technical knowledge of its members through meetings and technical presentations conducted by internal, external and international lecturers. The arrangements of Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club shall predominantly have a business and professional relevance for all members, suppliers as well as clients, operating in the related industries. Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club will continuously keep you updated with events, news and relevant information from the related industries.


Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club (EP&RC) was founded in 1983 by members of the local Oil and Gas industry. The idea of the foundation came from other similar clubs from among others Houston, Singapore and Aberdeen. 

The first board of Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club consisted of Henning Kruse (Esbjerg Oilfield Services), Erik Hansen (Dansk Process Control), Willie Ayres (Halliburton), John Lyng (DNV), Preben Glue (Varde Bank), Mike Maddocks (Jutlandia Oil Consult) and Vagn Mols Poulsen (Mærsk Olie & Gas). The very first chairman was John Lyng, and since then there has been 6 others counting todays chairman within. 
The first evaluation meeting took place in March 1983, followed by the first board meeting in May 1983. In September 1984 the first general assembly was held, and 145 members from 87 firms anticipated. In the club’s early years, there was rented some space at Smedekroen, which were used as a clubroom for the members for meetings and social events.

In 2017 the club changed its name from Esbjerg Petroleum Club to Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club, because of the increasing interest of renewables. 

The theme of the club however has basically remained the same since the foundation with main focus on social events and technical lectures. However, the social events have varied over the years, and there have thus been many different kinds. Among some of the early events was curry night and dinner with Chinese food.

Today Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club has approximately 300 members. Membership to Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club may be granted to leading/senior representatives from firms connected with the related industries. Private membership may be granted to members, who retire from firms related to the industries.